05 October 2015

Maison Bouey extends in Médoc area


Maison Bouey has acquired new vineyards in the Médoc area: Château Saint-Yzans, Château Du Mont and Château La Ribaud. These new acquisitions will  develop the Collection "Famille Bouey Vignobles & Châteaux", which counts today 7 châteaux and 90 hectares.

Below the list of the seven châteaux owned by Maison Bouey:

  • Château Maison Blanche, Médoc Cru Bourgeois
  • Château Lestruelle, Médoc Cru Bourgeois
  • Château Delhomme, Médoc
  • Château Le Plantey, Médoc
  • Château La Ribaud, Médoc Cru Bourgeois
  • Château Saint-Yzans, Médoc
  • Château Du Mont, Haut-Médoc


Read the article online: www.lsa-conso.fr


29 September 2015



The French cooking magazine "Cuisine A&D" perfectly associates Lestruelle and Maison Blanche with the French gastronomy in its number n°36 of October 2015.

Happy reading and cooking! 

13 September 2015


An entire article dedicated to Maison Bouey and its new acquisition: CHÂTEAU DELHOMME

Everything began after the acquisition in the Médoc area, when the Bouey family wanted to register the name "Château La France". Soon after, the estate with the same name located in Beychac-et-Cailleau objected this request.  Bouey family proposed to add the name "Delhomme" in tribute to Patrick Bouey's grandmother, Anaïs Delhomme. New objection from the Château La France, but this time, the French National Institute of Industrial Property agreed with Maison Bouey. Château La France appealed this decision. 

The procedure is pending.

An affair to follow...


Read the article online: www.terredevins.com 

12 September 2015

Château Maison Blanche 2011 rewarded by "Le Figaro"

in its “2015 Wine Fair” selection


The remarkable quality of CHÂTEAU MAISON BLANCHE 2011 (Auchan) is highlighted and honoured by Bernard Burtschy in the “2015 Wine Fair” selections of the Figaro French magazine (11/12 September 2015):

  • 4 STARS
  • « COUP DE CŒUR »
  • 15/20 


12 August 2015

Patrick Bouey, a new way to be wine merchant



The famous journalist Jacques Dupont, author of the books "Choses bues" and "Le guide des vins de Bordeaux", as well as editor of the Wine category in the French magazine Le Point, dedicates an entire article to Maison Bouey, "the rare wine merchant to remain a family and independent house in Bordeaux, which attracts with its estates and its partnership with Stéphane Derenoncourt.


Read the article online: www.lepoint.fr


08 August 2015


Demoiselle de Maison Blanche (Haut-Médoc) selected and honoured as the "Bottle of the day" in the French newspaper Sud-Ouest

Carefully selected by Patrick Bouey, owner of Château Lestruelle and Château Maison Blanche, with Nicolas Meylan, Estates Manager, this wine has been created with the same careful finesse ad requirement that apply to all other cuveees and estates for the Famille Bouey Vignobles et Châteaux, a signature that is of the highest quality and excellence. 

The history of Maison Blanche, in the heart of the Médoc area, was closely linked to ladies. Previously handed down from generation to generation via the female line, the wine is powerful and relatively traditional with a solid structure, but also synonymous with class and elegance.

Elegance is the main characteristic of this wine, with delicate aromas combining well with a silky yet complex palate. Tannins are present, well-melted and rounded, supporting well delicate wood notes for a long lasting and complex finish structure. It is the ideal accompaniment to a grilled or cooked entrecote. 

27 July 2015

Gary Vaynerchuk, "super dumb" by Les Parcelles


Gary Vaynerchuk, American author of "Crush It", "The Thank You Economy", and "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right-Hook" is described as "the first wine guru of the YouTube era" by The Globe and Mail, "the wine world's new superstar" by The Independent, "outside of Robert Parker, probably the most influential wine critic in the United States"by Rob Newsom, a Washington State wine maker, and placed at number 40 in "The Power List" ranking of the wine industry's individuals of influence because he "represents the power of blogging".

After tasting "Les Parcelles" in his daily internet webcast Wine Library TV, he defines it as "one of those wines we knew would thrill Bordeaux buyers, but it would also introduce an entire new group of wine consumers to Bordeaux for the first time. Stop in our store and you will notice that not only can you find this wine in the Bordeaux section, it is featured in our California Cabernet and Merlot area as well."

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