13 July 2016

With summer vegetables

The French food magazine "Cuisine Actuelle" advises to focus on fresh and nutural wines to accompany summer vegetables, such as La Vache Rose of Maison Bouey, a simple, frank, fruity and well-balanced rosé. 

08 July 2016


The French magazine TERRE DE VINS highlights the investment of Maison Bouey, "the Wine House which rises in Bordeaux", for its new cellars in Saint-Yzans-de-Médoc, France.

23 June 2016


The French magazine LSA looks back to the unique collection "Les Parcelles" launched by Maison Bouey in collaboration with Stéphane Derenoncourt in 2011, based on the method of the “plot selection” until then reserved to Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés.
The new collection "Châteaux by Derenoncourt" récently introduced gathers castles that Stéphane Derenoncourt accompanies and advises from the vine to the glass. 

21 June 2016

Maison Bouey, a modern Bordeaux wine house

Jean-Michel Brouard, from the French magazine Terre de Vins, has dedicated an article to Maison Bouey, "a Bordeaux wine house created about 60 years ago, in line with modernity...".

Read the article online:



14 June 2016


RVI, Revue Vinicole Internationale, dedices its cover and 2 full pages to Patrick Bouey, "CEO of Maison Bouey which is establishing itself as a dynamic and major figure on the merchant Bordeaux wines sector and more recently in the Médoc area with acquisitions of estates."


Article written by Vladimir Kauffmann

06 June 2016

LA VACHE ROSE, a nice rosé to be enjoyed with a BBQ

01 June 2016

Patrick Bouey & "la Cité du Vin"

La Cité du Vin (City of Wine) is an over-the-top, mega project with all the scope of a wine theme park for adults. Located on the banks of the Garonne River in the Bassins à Flot district of Bordeaux wine country, this permanent World’s Fair of wine, opened on June 1. It is a 10-story, $91 million museum with a Disneyland approach to its 20 themed areas and exhibits. There is a 250-seat auditorium for screenings and classes, and in true theme park style, there is also a simulator boat ride, reimagining the maritime journey of a merchant’s galley across the globe.

To accompany this event, the French magazine « Terre de Vins » has launched a special edition with an interview of Patrick Bouey, one of the 83 patrons of this wonderful project.

31 May 2016

La Vache by Maison Bouey, a Rosé wine which plays a provocative card

In 20 years, the Rosé wine consumption tripled in France. Today almost 9 out of 10 wine consumers declare themselves regular Rosé wine drinkers, and not only in summer. This phenomenon is worldwide: the Rosé wine consumption rose 15% in the last 10 years. This color represents today 9% of the total wine production. France is the worldwide leader with 28% of the production. 

Capital has selected La Vache Rose as a "good bottle to taste - in moderation - your eyes closed...".

25 May 2016

Patrick Bouey, major player of Vinexpo Hong-Kong 2016

Major actor in the wine sector, it would be inconceivable for Maison Bouey to miss Vinexpo Hong-Kong. 

A strong presence online and in the press: Facebook Twitter Sud-Ouest / Challenges / RVF / TV Finance / France 24 / Orange Yahoo Sud-Ouest / Ouest-France / La voie du Nord / Courrier Picard / Le Berry Le JDC Agrisalon 




09 May 2016

LA VACHE ROSE, a rosé to savor the summer

The French newspaper Centre Presse highlights "La Vache Rose" of Maison Bouey as "a pleasing and refreshing rosé to mix with light and  lively meals."