Since 1821 the Bouey family owns vineyards and famed châteaux, in the prestigious Médoc area.

The range "L'Esprit Bourgeois" represents excellent choices for talented vinegrowers, who want to propose the best from the Bordeaux terroir and heritage all over the world

« With this selection, you will discover genuine Châteaux classified as "Crus Bourgeois", that are renowned in the whole world as the new challengers to Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés, at an affordable price level. »
Patrick Bouey, CEO

The Crus Bourgeois are a legacy that dates back to the Middle Ages.
The bourgeois were inhabitants of the "bourg" of Bordeaux, a town of merchants and craftsmen. During the period of English rule, they acquired rights and privileges, including exemption from taxes on the sale of the wines from their vineyards both locally (Guyenne) and abroad.
Two centuries later, this legacy will be called the “Crus Bourgeois”.
A quality assurance initiative approved by the French public authorities in 2009 identify a new qualitative selection procedure for the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc.
The Crus Bourgeois du Médoc Official Selection has been published every year in September since 2010.
Only 247 wines are authorised to use the "Crus Bourgeois" designation in the world.